Thursday, June 4, 2009

Epic Fail

Wow, talk about epic failures. I couldn't keep my promise of writing a little bit everyday in this blog/journal. I guess old habits die hard, and I have a very old habit of not writing blogs/journals. The supremely weird thing though is that this blog has always been in the back of my head. As I live through my life and encounter various events, I think to myself, "This would make a wonderful blog entry!" I understand that this feeling is actually a very common phenomenon as expressed in this famous xkcd comic:

I've even thought about how my failure to keep this blog up to date would make a wonderful blog entry. But the thing is, I never write anything, ever.

I do hope to change my ways though, and I hope that this entry is going to be the first of many. Actually, one of the reasons why I decided to write this entry is because I was inspired by my friend, Bobby. He's visiting California for vacation (and also for a taekwondo tournament as a member of the US National Collegiate Poomsae team), and he's staying at my place for a couple nights. He was documenting his trip in his awesome blog, and it inspired me to write this one.

So much has happened since I wrote my first entry over a year ago, and I hope to write about it soon.

But alas, this is it for tonight. It's already 1:36 AM here in the West Coast, and I must go to sleep in order to get up for work tomorrow.